CPR saves lives when performed immediately, proficiently and when combined with the shock of an Automated External Defibrillator (AED). For many years law enforcement responders shared the view that CPR was just for show. They performed it for the families but they really didn’t expect the victims to live. They waited for the fire department to arrive with an AED because none was available. However, with updated CPR science and the increased availability of AEDs, officers have been shocked with the survival rate.

Many businesses are finding room in the budget to add AEDs to the first aid kit. This is potentially due to a reduction in Workers Comp premiums or liability and the changing attitude of business owners who understand that AEDs have become a standard piece of emergency equipment. The AED is paramount in saving lives of employees, visitors and customers.

Increasing public expectation of police is helping agencies with the decision to purchase AEDs. The combination of quality CPR training and the availability of AEDs is starting to show life-saving results. Many police officers have witnessed, “saves” during CPR events because an AED was close at hand. Survival CPR and First Aid, LLC is proud to be a training company for emergency responders.  We also provide AED compliance programs for public and private entities. Testimonies from our clients continue to drive our passion to conduct quality training and to provide AED sales and liability mitigation/compliance programs.

The chance of survival increases exponentially when a well-trained person begins CPR immediately and obtains an AED quickly. Is your company trained and equipped? Can your staff deliver a shock from an AED within three minutes from the time a person collapses?  If not, you better hope that a cop we trained is nearby and equipped with an AED!