Don’t Ignore the Subtle Symptoms

The American Heart Association recently Tweeted excerpts from Women’s Health outlining 5 symptoms of women’s heart disease that we should not shrug off:

Shortness of Breath

If you struggle with shortness of breath that isn’t treated with allergy medications or other doctor-recommended measures, it’s time for a second opinion.

Heavy Chest

This could be the ache of your heart not getting enough oxygen. It may feel like a squeezing sensation or pressure on top of your chest; in some women, it can feel like indigestion.

Random Body Aches

Women don’t always feel classic chest pain.  The article quotes Dr. Steinbaum, “But if you know what you can do on a normal day, and all of a sudden whatever the symptom may be is making your normal activities more challenging, you’ve got to think of your heart and head to the doctor immediately,”

Loss of Feeling in the Arms or Legs

Along with pain or coldness, numbness and weakness in the arms or legs can be a sign that your extremities aren’t getting the flow of blood and oxygen.

Heart Palpitations

They could be from drinking too much caffeine or wine, being dehydrated, or even stress, but it could point to heart disease.  Get it checked out!

February 2 is National Wear Red Day

The American Heart Association’s, Go Red For Women day is Friday, February 2nd. A recent article for women, Hard-to-Recognize Heart Attack Symptoms outlines some of the danger signs for women’s heart disease to watch out for.  Take a moment on this important day and become educated.  Help the women in your life!

Zoll AED-Plus-bag

AED’s at Your Location Will Save Lives

Eric Thomson, consultant and instructor at Survival CPR & First Aid, encourages all businesses to have an AED on site.  He points to recent scientific evidence that shows survival rates near 39% for certain cardiac arrest victims who receive a shock from an AED within 3 minutes of collapse.  This time window normally closes before the fire department or ambulance can arrive. Thomson encourages business owners to contact him for advice on how to start an AED program or to learn how to remain free from civil liability through his company’s AED liability compliance program.

Trained and Equipped for Emergencies

Survival CPR & First Aid conducts emergency training for companies of all sizes.  Their instructors have actual field experience in emergency medicine and they know how to deliver quality, realistic training.

Our Grand Opening!

On Valentines day, February 14, 2018 the company will host a grand opening of it’s newest training center in Santa Rosa, California.  During that open house, Survival CPR & First Aid will offer special pricing on AEDs, training and first aid equipment.  The company will also debut their bleeding control kits that are perfect for accidents, disasters or acts of violence that may occur at home, work or during recreation.